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Mood Rescue is a mobile app developed by a Licensed Professional Counselor that helps users tackle one of the most common symptoms of depression, low mood, and feelings of loneliness, social isolation, boredom, and co-dependency. People who are coping with any of these issues tend to have allowed their self-care routine fall by the wayside. Many people might get disconnected from who they are and have difficulty even identifying activities that they might find pleasurable. However, research shows, that a health and balanced self-care routine can have a positive effect on a person’s mood, confidence, and overall life satisfaction.


People who begin taking regular time to dedicate to doing activities they know they love and also time to explore new activities learn more about themselves and are able to draw upon this new insight when in their relationships. Allowing yourself to explore new things and find out what you like and don’t like help create who you are. This helps you develop a more complete identity that can help create healthier relationships. Additionally, when regular time is taken to get away from negative thoughts, learn new skills, and spend time with ¬†others, people can reduce symptoms associated with depression which can lead to a more positive mood.


Mood Rescue offers users the ability to track your mood daily, select from activities that are categorized into 6 well rounded categories, and get personalized statistics over time on how your activity levels have influenced your mood. You may also customize activities by adding ones to your list, and setting goals. Get tips on how to create a more well-rounded routine and get alerts to stay on track recording your mood. Activity categories include Physical, Social, Spiritual, Mental, Environmental, and Emotional. Choose from activities like journaling, calling a friend, taking a relaxing bath, joining a new group, or drinking a comforting cup of tea.