Meet Melissa

Ann Arbor Depression CounselorMelissa Satti MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor
Founder, Ann Arbor Counseling Associates

I know how tough it is to go through each day not having the confidence and hope that things will get better. As a counselor with experience working with women with relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety, or difficult pasts, I can help you see that life, relationships, and how you feel about your self can improve and I am here to help.


Why Do You Work Mainly with Women?

Simply, I know what it’s like. As women we face unique issues. We live in  a society that sometimes leaves us learning lessons that aren’t so supportive of us having satisfying relationships, healthy connections with others, and undermines our ability to feel good about who we are. Time after time I encountered women who would stand in their own way of achieving their goals and readily willing to sacrifice their own needs to put others ahead which would leave them feeling depressed and believing that they didn’t deserve more. Giving to yourself doesn’t have to be a selfish act. We can be loving and caring towards others while still making time for ourselves. I hope that my work with women will help change some of those dynamics that get in your way of being good to yourself and achieving the life you want.


Why Relationship Counseling with One Person?

My interest lies in working with women individually and I found that many women are not in happy relationships but their partners either aren’t interested in coming to counseling or maybe they don’t want their partners to come because they would like to figure stuff out on their own. Self exploration regarding how you are in relationships can be achieved individually. You can learn how to stop patterns that are getting in your way of achieving a healthy relationship. When you take time to feel good, you will be more likely to draw in people who are good for you!


 Why the Interest in Working with Women During Pregnancy?

During my own pregnancy I really became aware of how all the issues women face can be amplified during this time because now there is pressure to get all of those patterns of unsatisfying relationships  anxiety or depression histories, or difficult pasts sorted out so that motherhood can be approached with greater confidence. Pregnancy is a great time to get all of your ducks in a row and put to rest some unresolved issues and feelings that you may have been putting off. Becoming a mother is a great opportunity to work on yourself so you can feel more calm and confident when baby arrives. I enjoy partnering with other local pregnancy workers to provide complimentary services that can better ensure that the mental and emotional needs of women during pregnancy are addressed.


What Can I Expect From Our Sessions?

In my Ann Arbor office I provide relationship counseling and individual counseling for women. When you come to counseling you will experience a  supportive and warm environment that you can feel safe to explore your thoughts and feelings . As a licensed professional counselor, my role is to be your support person, provide insight, reflect what I hear, point out patterns that I see, offer information that might help, and provide some humor. Counseling is catered to the individual and as a result I use a variety of  approaches to suite my clients needs.