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Ann Arbor Relationship CounselingEver Feel Like Your Trying To Make It Work On your Own?

Even being in a relationship can be lonely at times. You might be feeling defeated, as though you have tried everything to make it work but it just isn’t getting better and your partner doesn’t seem to put in the same amount of effort as you do. You might even be creating the image of a great relationship to trick yourself from facing the relationship problems you know you have. Do you feel like your partner isn’t as invested in making this work as you? Even if your partner doesn’t want to come to counseling with you it doesn’t mean you have to go through this confusing time alone.

You don’t have to do this alone!

You might find it hard to ignore your relationship problems any more and feel unsatisfied with the way things are. Some women feel like they are constantly giving to their partners but not getting as much back and they don’t understand why after all that sacrifice it isn’t working out. This can lead to a lot of resentment towards your partner and make it difficult to want to work on things and remain close. Some women even start to feel depressed or anxious as a result of relationship problems. You deserve more. When you work with me we can explore what your needs are in the relationship and begin to discover how you might be able to get those needs met. I specialize in women’s counseling and understanding how women experience relationship problems, depression and anxiety. Working with me can provide you with unbiased support to help you untangle these current complicated relationship dynamics so you can better understand how to move forward.

You decide what to do next

You might be concerned that going to relationship counseling on your own is a sign that it is over between you and your partner. Maybe the thought of leaving is too scary but getting support right now is what you need. Or, you might have no intention of leaving your partner but want to learn how you can get your needs met given the current situation. Either way is possible and after time exploring how you are feeling, what your needs might be, and how to find alternative ways of finding satisfying connections you might feel more confident in your decisions regarding your relationship. It is your decision what to do next with your relationship.

Get the support you need with counseling

You will experience a non-judgmental atmosphere to explore what is happening in your relationship and how it affects you and what you would like to be different. From there options might become more clear and you can find confidence that you have explored all your options.

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