Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Do you struggle with feelings of hopelessness? Is it getting harder to pretend everything is ok?

Can’t seem to stop being so hard on yourself, finding reasons why you are undeserving of happiness or love? It’s tough to go through each day disconnected from the world. Try as you might to feel attached to others it just keeps getting harder to let people in. Some women who suffer from depression or anxiety find that it also affects other areas of life too, work, relationships  and our ability to take care of ourselves or even care. Counseling for depression and anxiety can help.

Maybe all you really want is to get a small amount of joy from the day but are afraid that you are just not capable of feeling good.

You might be overwhelmed by all the thoughts going through your mind, unable to quiet them to focus or get some sleep. All those thoughts need to go somewhere and I can help provide an outlet and tools to learn to cope with them.  In your heart you know that what’s at stake for you is the ability to feel true satisfaction in your life and you are beginning to think you need to do something about this.

You are not alone and things can get better!

You don’t have to go through this alone. Unfortunately many women suffer with the demands of life and self-defeating thoughts. However that also means that there are researched ways of treating depression and anxiety that have been proven effective. In fact, counseling is shown to be the top strategy of overcoming depression and anxiety. I have the tools you need to move past this and get your life back.

Try to imagine how life can be…

Counseling for depression and anxiety can help you learn how turn negative thoughts into more positive ones, . Women’s counseling could help you identify the unique factors contributing to your mood. Imagine what it would be like to finally start off the day with hope rather than dread. With some time together you will be able to manage your negative thoughts and view your life with a more positive outlook.

Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle to get through the day. Start today. Appointments available for you this week in the Ann Arbor counseling office. Call me to set up a time that works for you. Don’t just get through your day, look forward to it.

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