I offer coaching to people who want support but are not necessarily looking for therapy. Here are some things that coaching can do for you:

  • Assess and solidify your goals and vision
  • Create a customized plan with measurable steps to achieve your identified goals
  • Identify and help remove barriers to achieving your vision
  • Offer support and encouragement along the way
  • Help generate and maintain motivation throughout your process
  • A flexible relationship that can keep you on track via email, phone, text, and face to face meeting

Therapy is not for everyone. It isn’t even appropriate for all situations. Sometimes you might just want your own personal cheerleader, someone who is there for you and knows your story, your goals, and who is helping you along the way while you achieve your vision. That is where coaching can come in. As a trained counselor I have years of experienced as an experienced listener. I will help you solidify your goals and vision for the future and work with you to come up with an action plan so you can get to where you want to be whether that is completing  a project, starting a new adventure, or making a life transition. There is less of a focus on emotional and thought processing and more of a focus on moving forward with action.


There may be times when things get emotional, especially when changes are occurring. I am here to support you and if you decide you want more dedicated time to overcoming some emotional barriers counseling could be an option.


Couching is not covered by insurance. I offer packages as follows:


New Client Action Plan -$400/first 30 days

For those who want to get started working towards their goal, clarify their vision, get action steps, and ongoing support to generate some momentum.

  • 1 – 60 minute face to face, phone, or Skype appointment to get acquainted with each other and determine goals
  • Action plan with measurable steps
  • up to 3 weekly email correspondences for first 30 days


Return Client Support $300/month

For those who already have completed the new client action plan, are working towards their goal and need ongoing support.

  • up to 3 weekly email correspondences
  • review and adjustment of action plan as needed
  • 1- 15 minute phone support check in if needed


Support Retainer $200/month

For those who want someone to stay connected so they remain accountable for making progress towards their goals and who wants the benefits of the ongoing support and motivation.

  • up to 2 weekly email correspondences ongoing


A la carte

These services are available to add on to any of the previous packages if you feel like you need additional time and feedback.

  • + 2 emails/week add-on $150
  • + 60 minute Re-Assessment $200
  • + 30 minute check-in $100
  • + 15 minute check-in $50


What you can expect from me:

  • Your emails will get a detailed and thoughtful response in no more than 36 hours
  • A personalized action plan based on a thorough assessment of your vision that take into account barriers and strengths
  • Re-evaluation of plan as needed to help you reach your goals
  • Ongoing motivational support to help maintain your momentum



  • Payment is accepted at the start of your monthly program and at the beginning of each month
  • All major credit cards are accepted
  • You may also arrange for a check payment upon request