Can I Make a Counseling Appointment for Someone Else?

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Can I Make a Counseling Appointment for Someone Else?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: There are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t make a counseling appointment for someone else, unless of course you are the legal guardian of that person and that person is under 18 years old and here is why:

Counseling success depends on the client’s willingness to be there and participate. Signing someone up for counseling shows that they are not ready yet and IF they show up for the appointment, they will most likely be guarded, resentful towards you for making them go, and unwilling to explore the issues that caused you to sign them up.

If you feel compelled to call me or another therapist seeking an appointment for your [ insert relationship here ] then I would say it is you who could really benefit from counseling. Not because there is something wrong with you but rather it is clear that you deeply care about someone who is struggling, you might be feeling helpless to do anything about it, and you are suffering as a result. Maybe you need support and counseling can help you cope with difficult situations, even if you are unable to change their habits. A wise person once said “you can’t change others, only how you react to them.” Relationship counseling for individuals might be your solution to this problem.