Do you wonder why relationships don't seem to work out for you?

I specialize in counseling for women who seek healthy relationships but find themselves repeating patterns of unsatisfying connections whether this be intimately or with friends. If you are feeling like no matter how giving and open you are in relationships they don't seem to develop as you hoped or you are beginning to worry that you missed your opportunity and you are destined to be alone,  I can help.   You don't have to accept a  lifetime of difficult relationships. Counseling can provide you with support, insight, and skills to minimize these relationship problems so current and future relationships can be more satisfying.

Do you feel alone in the relationship you are currently in?

Relationship counseling is also available for women who are feeling alone in relationships but are hoping things can get better. Maybe you have tried all you can to engage your partner but no matter how much you try to put into the relationship you are just not getting that much back. Being the one responsible for holding it together can feel exhausting.  Some times relationship problems even lead to depression and anxiety. You don't have to wait for your partner to get on board with relationship counseling to start your own healing. Counseling for individuals in relationships can provide you with support during this confusing time.  We can partner together so you can really begin to feel heard. You can also walk away with tools to improve relationships, identify your own personal needs and determine how to get them met so you can feel satisfied in your relationships with others.

Is it getting harder to face the day and no one seems to understand?

Right now you might be feeling like things need to get better but you don't have the  confidence to know how to do that yet. Maybe you are feeling hopeless and others don't seem to understand.  Although you might feel lonely and unsure how to change things right now, you have found yourself here checking out solutions, and that is a good sign you are ready for things to be different. You don't have to go through this alone and that is where I can come in to support you through this difficult time. You don't have to lie awake at night unable to quiet your mind. Come visit me in my Ann Arbor office for counseling for depression and anxiety and start to feel more in control of your life.

Are you currently pregnant and worried how your mood or patterns might affect your pregnancy,  birth, or abilities to be the mom you hope to be?

You want to do everything you can to ensure the health of your baby. Maybe your history of depression or anxiety concerns you and you wonder how it may get in the way of your pregnancy experience or your birth. Maybe you are concerned with your ability to be the type of mom you want to be because of your family history or relationships. Just because you feel like there isn't much time to work on these issues before baby arrives, now is the best time to tie up loose ends and to pay attention to yourself. Counseling for women during pregnancy can offer support, hope, and a more clear plan for the future. If you want to be better prepared for childbirth and motherhood along with improving your pregnancy experience, call today.

Get Started Right Away

You might be considering postponing the start of your journey towards change. How long have you waited to finally overcome the barriers in your life? The sooner you start counseling the closer you will be to your therapy goals. For some people that means being less angry, gaining hope, learning how to relax or be less stressed out, or figuring out why they can't seem to achieve satisfying relationships. I provide counseling for depression and anxiety, relationship problems, and pregnancy wellness in my Ann Arbor office. I am conveniently located to highways 23 and 94 and close to Saline, Dexter, Milan, Ypsilanti, Brighton, and Canton. Don't wait any longer, appointments are available this week.